Small costs towards your priceless wellbeing

    • One off – one to one session = £40
    • 3 days a week
      price: £60 a week for 7 weeks = 420
    • 4 days a week
      Price: £80 a week for 7 weeks = 560
    • 5 days a week
      Price: £100 a week for 7 weeks = £ 700
    • 6 days a week
      Price: £ 120 a week for 7 weeks = £ 840

The Structure

Fill out PAR Q and fitness questionnaire that I will provide for you.

keep a food diary or let me know ,what and when, you are eating for a few days: I can analyse the information to help you achieve your goals without leaving you feel hungry or in a hunger energy slump. 

I will discuss your goals, fitness level, preference etc. 

Take pictures for postural analysis and so you can clearly see your progress before and after

Obtain your bioelectrical impedance information

Agree on Days and Times that are convenient for both of us

Measure endurance, lactate acid resistance level, 1 rep max and flexibility. It does not matter what level your at here, remember the plan is tailor made for you, it just gives me more information so I can path our way forward.