Personal Training

Body sculpture and empowerment

The first consultation is free

I will carve a pathway forward based on; your goals and preferences, your strengths and perceived limitations and / or any deadlines or big events coming up.

If you would like to achieve any of the list below, then personal training sessions is a great way forward for you:

    • Weight loss
    • Getting ready for a big event like a wedding etc,
    • Looking better
    • Improve confidence
    • Looking / feeling younger
    • Toning muscle,
    • Shaping your body,
    • Improving quality of life,
    • Starting a great nutrition plan,
    • Fit back into your ideal size cloths
    • Improving medical conditions, (As I also hold a GP referral qualification)
    • Reducing stress,
    • Taking time out for just you
    • Pumping your body up with serotonin, ‘the happy hormone’,
    • Hypertrophy (getting bigger)
    • Improving your speed and / or endurance
    • Sport focused training
    • Improving skin tone
    • Increasing mobility / functional training
    • Improving heart function / cardiac out put / Vo2 max
    • Motivation
    • Free access to any of my group classes

Free Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis ( to find out what is going on in your body i.e. The amount of fat and where you are storing it / the amount of viscera fat(the fat packed around your organs, how much muscle, where and if there is any muscle imbalance, if you have any water retention or are dehydrated, how much protein and minerals is in your body, your body fat percentage, BMI and how many calories you need to consume a day (BMR). 

I tailor sessions to meet your personal needs and goals. I have dedicated my life to finding out ‘What Works’ and will go above and beyond to make sure it works for you.

Together we will reach your health and fitness goals”.

RAWBEX Price List for Personal Training

    • One off – one to one session         = £ 40
    • 3 days a week
      price: £60 a week for 7 weeks     = £ 420
    • 4 days a week
      Price: £80 a week for 7 weeks     = £ 560
    • 5 days a week
      Price: £100 a week for 7 weeks  = £ 700
    • 6 days a week
      Price: £ 120 a week for 7 weeks  = £ 840