Eat well, Stay strong, Love life

Welcome to my about page, we will get to me, but first I want to tell you about you....

You are a person with every right to look and feel exactly how you wish. The right to have a slim figure, and to have clearer skin and shiny hair, the right to build, tone or shape muscle, to have a higher level of energy and even cope with everyday tasks with greater ease, the right to feel good about yourself and have high self-esteem!! to look and feel more youthful, for your body to produce an abundance of happy hormones, the right to wake up every day and feel proud of yourself and positive about life.

The truth is you are a product of your environment, from the day we are born the media bombards us with images of ‘perfection’, and in the same breath tells us ‘we are not good enough’.. then shows us images of processed food and chocolate bars. Large cooperation’s such as wall-mart get very rich on such conditioning. Obviously your parents and social group play a big part in your upbringing as did their parents before them, but you have to remember they were exposed to a lot of the same influences. Other personal circumstances, influences, religions and cultures shape who we are and with little in the public arena to inspire our allegiance, it is very easy to see why we have not reached or are able to sustain our health and fitness goals.

The positive stability and strength that we can not find in the world, we must create with in our selves!

To change your body you must also change your mind set. This is where I come in!

I have had my fair share of unfortunate situations and bad influences in my past. One day I came to a conclusion, ‘I refused to let them define who I am and let shape my body or my life.

I have dedicated years to gaining qualifications and learning how to change and shape your body, how to optimise health so that it shows up in your appearance and throughout life, how to optimise ones self esteem and sustain the changes made to your health and fitness levels.

How to stay looking and feeling great!

You can’t deify nature or the truth science, you will change! Together we will set goals, achieve them and sustain the results.